Custom Manufacturing

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Custom Services Summary

We continually strive to be able to meet the needs of our customers no matter how specific. In addition to the products listed in this catalog, Rocky Mountain Reagents provides a number of services to our customers that larger companies simply cannot. From full product development including formula, packaging, and brand creation to working as your procurement department for all your chemical needs, our capabilities can handle anything in between. Contact us to see if we can simplify your project or your supply chain issues. 

Custom Product Development

Rocky Mountain Reagents has been producing custom products for more than 30 years. We work with our clients by assisting in optimizing formulas, selection of the right packaging, creating brands with our full color labeling capabilities and providing the correct regulatory information to keep your product in compliance. We excel in scientific solutions for industries such as microbiology, histology, wastewater treatment, standards for instrumentation, branded consumables for your equipment, and many more. We do not have minimums so we can begin small and scale as your business grows. 

White Label and OEM Packaging

Do you see a product that we manufacture or distribute that you would like to private brand? We have several clients we white label existing products or custom packaged products for. This provides you with the same quality standard we expect with our products, allowing you peace of mind that your brand and customers are protected. All our products have full lot traceability and meet all regulatory requirements for the industry you service.

Contract Procurement Services

Let us take the headache out of dealing with chemical vendors and supply chain issues with the assurance that all quality and traceability will be handled. We work with several companies to stock and deliver products on a schedule to help optimize operations and expenses. We have 70 years of vendor relationships putting us at the unique advantage to be able to offer you the best product, at the best value in the market. 
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