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Centrifuge, Frontier 5000 Multi Pro


Speed Range 200 rpm ; 15,000 rpm _x000D_ Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g) 21,379 g _x000D_ Maximum Capacity(Rotor) 6 x 250 ml _x000D_ Item Number: 30314817
Item # 60200
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Additional Information

Frontier 5000 Multi-Pro Centrifuges are designed for universal use in multiple applications in research, industrial, and clinical laboratories and can be combined with our range of rotors and accessories for customized use. Available in 7 models with capacities from 0.2 ml to 4 _ 750 ml, they feature high-speed performance at maximum volume, automatic rotor identification, and safety features. _x000D_
Applications _x000D_
Centrifugal Separation, General Sample Preparation, Cell Pelleting, Protein Separation, Nucleic Acid Separation, Cell Concentrating, Chemical Separation, Diagnostics, Environmental Sample Preparation, Blood Sample Processing _x000D_
Display _x000D_
Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) _x000D_
Operation _x000D_
Designed to be used with a variety of rotors and accessories _x000D_
Communication _x000D_
N/A _x000D_
Construction _x000D_
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel chamber with Polycarbonate/ABS plastic lid _x000D_
Design Features _x000D_
Ten acceleration & deceleration rates, selection of running ti