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Fastening Machine, Mouthpiece

for Screw style Vaporizer Cartridges

The MPM Mouthpiece Fastening Machine is a semi-automatic, foot pedal operated machine designed to rapidly fasten screw style mouthpieces for vaporizer cartridges. The MPM is easy to use with a torque adjustment and clutch to prevent strain to the operator. Increase throughput by fastening duckbill, circular, bullet, or hourglass screw style cartridge mouthpieces.
Item # 61101
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Manufacturer Part Number MPM
Additional Information

Increase Overall Process Throughput _x000D_
Accelerate the entire operating procedure. Significantly increase the mouthpiece fastening rate to match the cartridge filling machine throughput while reducing physical fatigue. _x000D_
Fasten Any Mouthpiece Form Factor _x000D_
Change the mouthpiece adapter in less than a minute to switch between duckbill style mouthpieces and circular, bullet, or hourglass style. Two adapters included. _x000D_
Adjustable Torque _x000D_
Quickly adjust the torque setting for the proper mouthpiece fastening force. Clutch automatically engages at the torque setting and adapter stops spinning. Proper fastening torque diminishes the potential for oil settling and cartridge leaks. _x000D_
Variable Speed and Bidirectional _x000D_
Adjust the front control knob to vary the rotation speed and reduce physical fatigue. Change the adapter spin direction from forward to reverse to remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge. _x000D_
Quick & Easy Startup _x000D_
Plug the MPM into a 120Vac outlet, connect