Meet the Team

that make 710SCI® a reality.


With Liz On:

Liz Geisleman

Liz became the CEO of Rocky Mountain Reagents in 1998, becoming the company's first full-time employee. She oversaw the development of 710Spirits and the acquisition of Cannabis Kitchen Supplies, eventually developing the new, combined brand, 710SCI. In addition to her career at Rocky Mountain Reagents, she has spent the last decade working with a variety of organizations. In 2020, She co-founded the Canna Consortium along with a handful of strategic partners, with a focus on being the best ancillary partners to the cannabis and hemp industries. She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the West Metro Foundation, as well as the Past Chair of the West Metro Chamber and the Jefferson County Economic Corporation. She is also the Chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party's Congressional District 7 and the former Treasurer of the National Cannabis Industry Association. She was a member of Governor Polis' CHAMP (Colorado Hemp Advancement Management Plan) program, the Manufacturing Committee with NCIA, and the NCLC (National Cannabis Laboratory Council).


With Ryan On:

Ryan Bennett

Technical Sales Manager
Ryan is an analytical chemist by trade with eight years of cannabis industry experience. He has focused on hemp and THC analytical testing and compliance for the majority of his career, but has shifted to properly pairing extraction and processing equipment based on customer’s desired products and throughput volume. Ryan's experience, understanding and expertise make him an excellent resource for compliance consulting, workflow optimization, and equipment pairing.


With Rocco On:

Rocco Iannapollo

Chief Brand Officer

Rocco Iannapollo is an exceptional leader in the natural medicine industry, bringing with him nearly three decades of experience in various roles within the Oil and Gas Industry. His diverse background in IT, Project Management, Procurement/Supply Chain, HR, Real Estate & Facilities, Transportation/Logistics, and Drug & Alcohol Testing showcases his versatility and adaptability.

Driven by his passion for the Natural Medicine Industry, Rocco made the bold decision to transition from the corporate world and pursue his dreams. His expertise and success in consulting engagements caught the attention of Boulder-based Cannabis Kitchen Supplies, where he was appointed as the Chief Brand Officer in 2017. This position was further solidified with the merger of Cannabis Kitchen Supplies and 710 Spirits, resulting in the birth of 710Sci in April 2023. The seamless integration of the two companies reflects Rocco's exceptional leadership and ability to foster shared vision and growth.

With over 8 years of experience in the rapidly advancing Natural Medicine Industry, Rocco has gained profound insights and forged strong partnerships with key stakeholders. As a founding member of The CannaConsortium, an esteemed coalition dedicated to industry progress, Rocco's leadership shines through. His expertise in supply chain management and vendor relations distinguishes him as an agile advocate for the industry, constantly seeking innovative and sustainable solutions.

Rocco's exemplary leadership is evident in his ability to optimize client supply chains through the principles of Total Cost of Ownership. He prioritizes sustainable business practices and ensures that all stakeholders benefit from efficient and cost-effective supply chain management. His dedication to driving progress and advancing the industry is unwavering.

All that to say, Rocco Iannapollo is an outstanding leader in the natural medicine industry. His diverse background, exceptional leadership skills, and deep insights make him a valuable asset. Rocco's passion, expertise in supply chain management, and commitment to sustainable practices set him apart as a visionary leader in the industry.



With Anthony On:

Anthony Welch

Director of Quality
Anthony began working part-time for RMR in May 2011, just after earning a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. This chemistry, thermodynamics, and problem-solving background allowed him to grow and thrive as a full-time chemist in the Production department. Added comprehensive experience and an emphasis on continuous improvement then allowed Anthony to begin monitoring all RMR operations from a Quality role.