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Centrifuge, H55, Benchtop, Heated, Low Speed

Heated centrifuge for multiple uses
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Power Supply: 110V 50/60Hz
Power Supply: 110V 50/60Hz Max Speed: 4000 RPM Max RCF: Max Capacity: 4x750ml Heat Capacity: 10C-70C Time Setting Range: 1 - 99min Speed Accuracy: ± 10r/min Noise: ≤65dB Power Consumption: 1500W Dimensions: Net Weight: 170lbs Comes with: (20) 50ml Tubes (4) Regular Mouth Basket (4) Wide Mouth Baskets (4) Regular Mouth Stainless Jar Lid/Band (4) Wide Mouth Stainless Jar Lid/Band (4) Five 50ml Tube Holder Inserts (4) Regular Mouth Jar Spacer Inserts (4) Wide Mouth Jar Spacer Inserts (1) 50-pack 5”x 7” Double Stitched Fuge Bags (1) 50-pack 6.5”x 7” Double Stitched Fuge Bags (1) Terp SqueeGee (1) 100-Pack of Large Diamond Grip Gloves
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