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Freezer, RapidChill 4 CF -86°C Stackable Ultra low

The Ai RapidChill series -86C ultra-low upright ULT freezers is designed for fast cooling, ultra-low power consumption, very low noise, and ease of maintenance. All RapidChill ultra-low freezers are UL certified.
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❖ CDC and VFC compliant, great for storage of vaccines, DNA, RNA, virus samples, organs, and serum
❖ State-of-the-art Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP, Micro-Cellular Polyurethane) insulated
❖ Safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and easy-to-acquire HC refrigeration
❖ Remote alarm, RS-485, and optional 4-20mA transmitter
❖ Door lock, high or low temperature alarms, power failure alarm, door open alarm, filter clogging alarm, password protection, tons of security features to protect you, your products, and the unit
❖ Digital temperature display with microprocessor-based temperature controller
❖ Dual silicon sealing gaskets for ultra airtight operation
❖ 48-hour battery backup for controller and alarms
❖ Extremely quiet and reliable
❖ Compliant to UL 61010-1, CSA C22.2 and Energy Star standards
❖ Do not plug in your unit. Leave your Ai refrigerator or freezer for 24 hours before turning the unit on for the first time.
❖ This unit i