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Grinder and Destemmer, G Lite Tabletop

The G Lite is a commercial-grade tabletop grinder that enables operations to control their material size, maintain product quality, and speed up downstream processing. With the G Lite you can achieve the same appearance, product quality, and consistency of particle size as the largest operators.
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The Lite generates minimal heat during operations, so your trichomes stay intact. Your pre-rolls will have more of the qualities your customers like. _x000D_
The G-Lite; surgical stainless steel construction meets GMP standard regulations for preventing microbial growth and minimizing cleaning time. _x000D_
DonÕt let the high throughput fool you. The G Lite weighs just 75 pounds and takes up less space than a storage bin. _x000D_
The G Lite has a unique milling function that leaves stems intact for easy removal. _x000D_
The G Lite dismantles buds instead of pulverizing them into powder. The resulting biomass is perfect for pre-rolls. In addition, delicate trichomes are safe from getting scorched thanks to the G Lite’s low friction grinding action. _x000D_
Automating your grinding allows you to upskill employees and move staff into other areas of your Business. Reduced handling time by your team helps preserve the potency of your product.