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Pipet Transfer PE Disposable Natural

VWR™, Disposable Transfer Pipettes
VWR™, Disposable Transfer Pipettes
Item # 23200
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1.3 mL, 15.5cm 4.6mL, 8.5cm 4mL

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These unbreakable all-in-one pipettes eliminate the hazard of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. ❖ Will not shatter or break ❖ Can be used in liquid nitrogen ❖ Nontoxic and inert ❖ No bulb to insert or remove ❖ Uniform drop size Molded from see-through low density polyethylene, they are inert to biological fluids and most acids. The low-affinity surface reduces the loss of cells and valuable proteins due to binding. Transfer pipettes can be sealed and refrigerated, and will work well whenever there is a need for quick, safe fluid transfer. Can be gas sterilized.

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