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Reactor, Jacketed Kit

Kilo Scale reactor system designed to be plug in play with Huber/Julabo re-circulating systems. Reactor includes all components necessary for stirring, distillation/reflux, and temperature regulation.
Item # 65001
Available Size(s)

10L, 20L, 50L


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Components included: ❖ Universal reactor stand ❖ 20L or 50L jacketed flask option ❖ Five (4-45/50 joints) neck head with 60mm addition port, CAPFE(PTFE) O-rings, and clamps ❖ High torque Caframo digital motor, Two PTFE Agitators, PTFE bearing (FETFE O-rings), and glass stir shaft ❖ Removable Drain Valve ❖ Couplings and jacket adapters for Huber/Julabo circulator tubing ❖ PT100 temperature sensor ❖ High efficiency double coil condenser with reflux/distillation splitter Working temp range(°C): -60 to 200 Working Pressure Range (Torr): Atm to 1 Torr Stand Dimensions (DxWxH): 27.5″ x 24.25″ x 82.25″(custom heights available) All reactor systems can be custom configured for your specific process need. Please contact Rocky Mountain Reagents to have your reactor designed today!

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