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Rotary Evaporator, HBX Benchtop Green Package

Complete 5L Rotary Evaporator System

Designed for reliable and efficient evaporation or vacuum distillation. The Heidolph 5 Liter GREEN Package includes everything you need to begin benchtop evaporation, refinement, solvent recovery and distillation. The system is NRTL Certified. Best in class 3 year warranty. Expect an evaporation rate for pure ethanol using the G3XL condenser and 5L flask of approximately 3.5L/hr.
Item # 65004
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Manufacturer Part Number 036400012
Additional Information

Heidolph 5 Liter GREEN Rotary Evaporator Package Includes: _x000D_
Heating Bath & Control Base _ Hei-VAP Ultimate _x000D_
Vacuum Pump _ Valve Tec _x000D_
Chiller _ Hei-Chill 600 _x000D_
Vertical Condenser Glassware G3B XL _x000D_
5L Evaporation Flask _x000D_
3L Receiving Flask _x000D_
Vapor Tube _x000D_
Patented Glass Flask Clamp _ ÒEasy-ClipÓ _x000D_
Vacuum Valve _x000D_
Vapor Temp Sensor with Patented Clamping Sleeve _x000D_
Tube Set