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Twister Bucker B4

Bucking cannabis on a large scale sucks. But it doesn’t have to. The Twister B4 ‘Bucker’ raises the bar on single piece flow by adding advanced, patent-pending cannabis bucking technology to your process flow, replacing the work that crews of 5-7 used to do by hand. Process up to 150+ lbs/hr (fully hydrated) with one unit!
Item # 60219
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❖ 150+ lbs/hr throughput (speeds of up to 30 ft/sec)
❖ Quick and easy changeouts with removable cartridges
❖ Patent-pending “Active Gearing” drivetrain reduces jams and downtime
❖ Washdown Rated (Pressure washable)
❖ SafeFeed™ adaptor on the entry holes prevents injury
❖ Emergency stop. Clear and within reach.
❖ Easy to use. Ergonomically designed. Easy to load and operate.
❖ Easy to clean. Breaks down in less than 2 minutes. Easy access to components.
❖ Minimal training required. Manuals, videos, and tips available on the website.
❖ Buck dry or fully hydrated.
❖ GFCI Compatible so you can run it inside your high humidity greenhouse.